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thee story of my husband guys trusty lantern in 1600 when thee lamps was made they was so expensive to buy as Christopher and Jack saved up and evanchally brought theirs so as my husband was fighting in Flanders and only came back only a couple of tymes a year I knew what perfect gift for his birthday on April 13,th 1604 so after a year of saving up as there was one in thee winder of this Like shop hardware one I eventually saved up enough money and took my angle coin and a few shillings and grout’s and brought it and on his birthday guy came back home and when I gave it to him he was elated and said I always wanted one of them and to see thee look on his face it was worth thee sacrefice a few days ago one of our readers sent a pic of thee lamp as they visited a museum in Oxfordshire where they had seen thee lamp that when guy went to trail wyth thee others on January 31st 1606 thee lamp was conversated they asked if guy could say it was his he was very upset and said that was my birthday present from you but I’ve given him loads of cuddles he’s ok now thee lamp came apart in three bits thee holder at thee bottom pushed up and twisted and thee candle was put in thee holder on thee side there was a plate wyth a catch and writing on it thee top was fluted and thee lantern got hot especially thee handle after a while thee glass lyke mirrored thee light out so it have off a good light from a distance of 3feet here’s my husband’s lamp

November 16, 2021
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  1. Susan permalink
    November 16, 2021 1:59 pm

    The lantern is very handsome and an interesting piece of history. Ages ago, I saw a horn lantern in a museum and have wanted one ever since. Last year a found one—-it was new, not old, but with horn panes instead of glass. It makes a beautiful light. Fire light is always nicest, don’t you think?

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