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thee story of my husband’s lamp back in 1974 at skool everyone could do metal work as it was no longer a domain for thee lads so much sniggering from them I made this lamp I just knew what I wanted to make it and how but as I put thee candle in it and lit it I felt really strange and this is it we just lit it as you can see then back in 2017 we knew Kate wanted to film our guy anniversary Dec’s so I asked a black Smith if he would make a couple of them after giving him a drawing of what we wanted and showed him our one .as you can see thee one I made all that tyme ago when I lit it guy was pleased and it gets hot but gives out quite a bit of lyght and gets very hot here’s thee lamps a present for my husband and here’s thee ones thee black Smith made but thee teachers said I’ve never seen lyke that before as they went to thee skool library but could find no reference to when it was made and date but as thee teachers scratched their heads and one said there’s something about you a bit of a dark horse may be but not from this tyme but another tyme as you know that there was 7other lamps but at Holbeck house in Stafford shire on thee 8th November 1605 jack’s Robert Castesby and Robert wintour and Christopher kit Wright Tom Percy Ambrose Rookwood was taken by trophy hunters

November 16, 2021
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