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so lets return to that fateful day back in August 17th 2015 in thee London years as we left thee hospital after by thee doctors that I should not leave but I agreed to return thee very next day after thay told me that I would die but after they signed thee discharge papers as we walked up vallance road to bethnall green road I felt my husband’s colde icy hand in myne as I felt comforted by that as I looked to my right I could see his outline as we continued our journey to secpit towers and as I felt his arm around my wait as he said it’s not you’re tyme yet beloved wife when we arrived at thee front door and went in I wondered if I would see thee day light as I slumped in thee chair as guy held my hand and pulled my finger and as I looked he said they never got it all that day as he slid thee wedding ring on my finger thee one he brought in Yorke in 1602 as I felt it it brought a lot of happy memories of thee day even thou it was bitterly cold outside Yorke as snow showers fell and thee wind was bracing as we went and Jack was best man and Christopher have me away on that said day as we stood by witby abbey you could say that our lives was in to different city’s Yorke and londinuim and here’s our rings you wouldn’t of thought that they are nearly five centuries olde

November 17, 2021
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