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Thay was thee first ghosts I came into contact wyth as I layed on thee back seat of mother’s boyfriends autobile I was only one as we traveled from Gloucester via worburton to Bristol road thee engine cut out and as thee automobile swang around as these three monkes flouted across thee road to thee olde abbey opistit but thee other ghost came and looked at me he had no face through thee back winder I was terrified and then after a while he too floated off to thee abbey opistit my uncle in thee automobile behind took this pic as thee abbey and thee monkes dissapeard into thin air my uncle said bloody hell but as thee engine restarted we continued on our way to Bristol I found out later it’s a well known haunted site some people mainly have seen battles beeing fought from long ago but we didn’t sleep wyth thee light off for many years even at my aunt’s I wouldn’t have thee light off till daylight returned here’s my uncles pic of thee monkes

November 19, 2021
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