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extended scene so let’s return to engaland in our tyme you have to admit that on our site you can see what thee early 17th century is lyke so let’s look at thee coinage what we used on our visits back and some that went out of circulation .

November 20, 2021

As you may well know in 1605 thee Angle coin was thee most valuable made of gold thee coin is about thee same size of a crown in 1340 it was parte of French coinage but in 1465 it was introduced in to England as one can see it has thee archaeological Michael wyth thee slayer of thee dragon it was known as Portia coin thee more you had thee more powerful you became and for ordary folk it took along tyme to acquire even thou we wasn’t taxed as much as we are today and thee lottery was about from king Henry thee 8ths tyme it was a good source of getting extra money for his war ships and in queen Elizabeth I still she also put thee money to her use there was prizes but very few won so thee lottery fell out of favour by thee mid century thee angle replaced thee noble coin from 1377 to 1430 when it was only worth ten for thee angle coin that two went out in 1642 and that was only worth eleven shillings thee noble in its tyme replaced thee ducket but thee crown worth five shillings still remains but after thee country went desimal in 1971 thee coin is only used by collector’s in 1603 thee pound as we know it was only used for land deals in general thee angle coin was what thee common denominator of coinage thee grout what was termed as olde copper nose after king Henry thee 8th lowers thee silver content so using copper in most of thee coins Wych was made at thee tower of London thee shillings was worth 12d and there was 240to thee angle Wych then became thee pound

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