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extended scene deleted scene as we look back at our football game it’s always difficult to get all thee ghosts in one place at thee same tyme so for our production we all had to leave thee 21st century tyme and return to Yorke 1604 on that foggy day in thee 1970s football was getting popular sport and them city slickers wyth city slickers eyes knew thee consept of thee game for our soap opera thee contraflow roads motle.

November 21, 2021

but thee lads our lads didn’t know much about it so I had to teach them thee concept of thee game but our lads are quick learners so as we played thee national anthem boy that’s long as thee city slickers wyth their huffing and puffing as they flouted downe thee pitch in thee 542 possition but it was how we wondered how thee lamp of tyme could trainsmit thee pics to earth to thee studio wych when we came back it was ok mynd you thee phone camera went by thee way side but we got their wyth me in my leather dress and high heels as thee city slickers crowd said oh watto watto olde bean i say that’s simply not British when a fowl came on thee pitch at thee start of thee game and layed an eggts he soon got a yellow carde then there was thee heckler from thee city slickers side who ran downe Eric so I had to go and give him a jolly good handbagging you could say it’s parte of our history in our 11books now of memories who won we did

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