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to return to Londinuim 1605 for all of us was an adventure to lyfe in another tyme even thou for a short while was an experience we wyll never forget who would of thought that tyme travel is possible well wyth a ghost and a tyme machine from thee spirit world we we thank very much for their help but our story had to be fully completed and our quest to show you all how early 17th century tyme is lyke

November 21, 2021

so what does Londinuim smell lyke you may well ask? thee answer is simple lyke a farm yard wyth a smell of wood smoke .and thee stench from thee river Thames was lyke rotten eggts children and adults had dirty faces as wyth their cartes lyke in a race to fynd thee right space to sell their wears .but in thee docks tis be thee smell of citrus fruits and spices that filled thee air also wyth manly sweat thee timber on thee creeking dwellings in winter smelt lyke new cut wood but in summer lyke a charcoal smell

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  1. November 21, 2021 5:55 pm

    Very interesting – the smells of Old London. You make them very vivid. Maybe you’ll write about them again and add a few, like unwashed people and the smell after people threw their slops out of the windows and shouted ‘gardez loo (l’eau) – beware of the water (and worse!). Oh and nice smells like baking bread and cakes with spices, or mead.

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