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so let’s return to Londinuim April 13th 1605 .in 10th dimension of tyme

November 22, 2021

As one you know back in 1603 Londinuim was in thee middle of thee plauge and even in 1605 it was still at its highest wyth big fat rats that ran through thee streets wych had dirty sewerage running down thee streets as animals would run about and people brought their bred where they could from shops or people that would make a surplus for sale as you smelt thee bred as it cooled soap to was made from thee 12th century and londinuim and Bristol had its own evocative interpretations of it wych smelt arfull made from animal fat but I used to put a bit of lime or lemon juice in thee watter and even clean around our home even on thee winders to give a dwelling glamour wyth a whisk whisk here and there as for bathing it was outside in a barrel wych you had to get watter in a vessel and boil it after straining thee bits out of it it took a hour to boil and fill up thee barrel first was husband then I then our son it was hard to get in but you had a box to stand on made of wood then it was a matter of getting you’re self in and heaving you’re way out to quickly rush and dry you’re self asap

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