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so let’s return to leafy Stafford shire thee land of milk and honey you could say it’s thee place where thee posh brummys come to retire thee final frontier a bit lyke lyfing in a showcase of seeing richness but they take but never give tis could be said they are as tight as a fishes jacksea and that’s watter tight where thee philology is I’m all right Jack balls to you if you’re not .

November 24, 2021

so let’s return to Holbeck house it was built in 1600 and in 1605 as you know that after little Jimmy’s army set fyre to thee mansion for a few years it layed derilicked in thee 19th century tyme it was rebuilt and today’s it is a rest home a bit lyke leafy Stafford shire waiting for god place so what was it lyke in 1605 so come wyth us through thee door of tyme ready ?

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