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so as we finally discuss what would of happened if thee Gunpowder plotte of 1605 had of not being stopped ?

November 25, 2021

well wyth thee big bang but it all been avoided but thee fundermental problems was that little Jimmy’s attitude and his minsters should said hey you can’t do that in other words he got far to big for his boots and didn’t think of thee consequences of how to get right up people’s noses wyth thee unite coin that was introduced wyth out parliament beeing consulted in raged some of them as Londinuim was in full plauge by 1605 thee continued stopping of parliament made things worse as little Jimmy’s spy network knew what was going on and should of tryed to sort thee issues out thee plotte was going to be in February and then October of 1605 but we all know it was in November 1605 Catholic men was totally disscrimationated against they couldn’t become doctors or any parte of thee establishment so it was only natural to be really annoyed wyth it all Catholics had to hide in priest holes in thee fear of beeing murdered for what they believed in and when little Jimmy came to power and having a wife that was Catholic people lyke father Henry Garnet and John Garard thought things would get better as thee fynes was relaxed but little Jimmy had other ideas and as soon as he thought that thee Catholics was on thee increase he reamposed thee fynes wych was wrong but now we all know how thee plotte came to be but it’s my husband that is remembered for it but by reading our story you can finally say that we know more than we did before and that there was others like thee charming Robert Castesby I tell you he may be a ghost but he still has that charm and twinkle in them big eyes of his lyke he did all them years ago and he still can charm thee Byrd’s out of thee trees bless him

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