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take 9attemps to get back to finish thee story it’s always difficult to get back on to our site as wordpress Lykes to cut thee signal so let’s continue wyth thee story of what would of happened if thee gunpowder plotte had of taken place as we discussed wyth Tom what would of been thee effects of thee deverstaion when if little Jimmy would of stopped being a total pig and compremised instead of not listening and killing off thee Catholic population at thee tyme in 1605 but hatred for thee Catholics started 35 years before in queen Elizabeth I still tyme but ones things for sure wyth 36 barrels of gun powder and my husband’s special resipy londinuim would of not seen daylight for at least one day little Jimmy would of been bloven over thee mountains to have dinner wyth lockland Nessy and thee houses of parliament would of been completely disstroyed gyre would of cought thee wooden dwellings and fyre would of burnt parts of londinuim to thee ground wyth lots of casualties even thou thee houses of parliament have nine foot thick walls thee ceilings would of been thee week point and deabree would of been thrown out of thee burning building and thee bang would of been heard for miles winders would of been brokken and thee concquences would of been felt for many years and it would of been thee great fyre of londinuim it would had to been rebuilt as for thee Catholics they would of been in power .but thee whole idea of thee plotte was to show little Jimmy don’t mess about wyth us and it all could of been avoided .but there again if it hadn’t been apart of English history we wouldn’t be here now telling you about us how we lyfe yesterday and today sadly thou in 21st century Britain people are still being persecuted for there believes and thee poor are still treated as second class citizens you would of though they would of learnt from mistakes of thee past and treat everyone equal now wouldn’t you ?

November 25, 2021
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