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so lets return to our football game as you know we had to return to Yorkshire 1604 to play our game on that summers foggy morning thee only lighting we had was thee lamp of Tyme as we had our training session as I had to show our lads of thee Gunpowder plotte thee rules of thee 542 possition wych after a few remarks from thee city slickers wyth city slickers eyes team who said a woman showing men to play football she be wanting to burn her bra next ! As I said Binky stinky and pinky for you’re biggorted information I don’t wear a bra ok ya and yes city slickers it’s just so simply so British doesn’t one think and pinky one knaws you’ll be tickled pink in bean as they went on their way

November 26, 2021

but as thee Yorkshire fog cleared it was tyme to start thee game after a fowl on thee pitch Harvey thee ref had to give it a yellow carde as it layed an eggt as we sang thee national anthem but added god save thee three kings as king Henry and king Arthur and king Edward thee confessed played on thee harspichord and lutes as Jack and Robert Castesby and I passed thee ball it was our Jack wyth his left foot scored thee first goal as thee ball span around and around and around as it went by Binky thee goal keeper much to able and willing randy amazement then it was able turn to try to score for thee city slickers team but as they huffed and puffed their way up there pitch Tom wintour took thee control of thee ball just when able tryed to score as able jumped up and downe and cursed as he lit a ciggy and then as Jack and I and Tom passed thee ball to each other as then it was my turn to score as my knickers fell downe so 2to thee contraflow roads motle gun powder plotte and o to thee city slickers wyth city slickers eyes end of series mynd you wearing a tight leather dress and high heels as my husband said great body work and drives very well as I said I’m not a automobile as Jack said I’d love to look under you’re hood and trunk and what shining fenders you have mynd you shame ant Anstead can’t look at you’re cross beam on you’re head lights as I said to Jack you’ll get cross in a minuteas able said I bet you would like to have a full not service wyth his night stick as I said gentle men please why does it allways comparing me to a automobile you have been watching wheeler dealers again men they only think of one thing as guy said don’t worry wife it’s tyme I have you a full service as I said promises promises I can’t wait

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