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so lets return to Londinuim 1605 in 8th dementation of tyme are you ready as we go through thee mists of tyme

November 27, 2021

what we didn’t tell you that outside any city there was pie shops and thee smell was very inviting you could buy food also for you’re trusty steed lyke purple carrots and watter a bit lyke a service gasoline stop pies lyke mince meat was made of rasions and lamp wyth various types of spices cooked in a fyre wyth a hey how it was a good source of pit stop for thee weary traveler as for thee river Thames it froze even in 1530 in king Henry Thee 8ths tyme did you also know that in 1530 thee turkeys was introduced into England and soon became a food for thee rich and also to have a flute course dinner was at 10am and again at four pm unlike where tea is at three and 5pm in thee many tymes thee river Thames froze over Henry Thee 8th used to ice skating wyth his latest wife it wasn’t uncommon for thee Thames to freeze over

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