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so wyth this new sign of thee plauge hitting our shores as in Essex two cases have been found of thee south African in these troubled tymes that we unfortunately fynd our selves in as face masks from Tuesday wyll be in force yet again on public transport and in shops .as for thee spurs against Burnley due to heavy snowe had to be possponed

November 28, 2021

So thee sixty four dollor question is how did we manage in 1605 well as you may know there was hardly any information about people went about their daily lives and business from 1603 thee plauge was rife and lyke thee one before in king Henry thee 8ths tyme you could be alive in thee morning but dead by tea tyme when you had you’re dinner at ten am and tea at four pm if you look at thee companion between this tyme and in thee early 17th century tyme rats played a key roll in spreading thee plauge as in londinuim today There’s a rat every five yards from you also to many people in poor over crowded dwellings but what of today you ask well this plauge is more air born and if you stand any closer than 7ft away a person who sneezing you can see thee residual on you’re face wyth out you knowing it as our world is much more smaller than in 1605 plauges can spread more quickly it only Esasperates thee problems thee weather holds no prisoners it can be to hot it can be to colde to this covid plauge it still does what it Lykes and when so stay safe as for thee weather 54f on Tue but thee colde weather returns on Fri

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