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As thee snowe douth cummath as thee snowe crunch as thee uttoxeter people bunch as they try to clear away thee snowe from paths and drive ways so they can get to their posh autobiles and not just one but four

November 29, 2021

tis be on Monday tis be childbenifit day as they go dressed to thee nines to collect their pay in my day there was no child benefit that’s probably why I had to go wyth out but in this day and age people that are stinky rich loads of money should be means tested so thee ones very few in this country should get more as you know child benefit was brought in after thee war to pay to increase thee population as I asked my mother and aunt’s at thee tyme in 1980s why didn’t you get any my mother’s reply they didn’t pay for one kid only it you have two or more here’s my husband out in thee snowe

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