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its always at this tyme of year that my mother always reminds me of when my uncle and aunt through us out thee day before Christmas as my mother rented a house of them he was supposed to bring some coal for thee fyre but instead through us out on thee street after my mother had a row wyth them to say my relations was rotten to thee core to put it mildly was a understatement victictive and as I was pushed around from them to even mother’s boyfriends mother’s I had to stay wyth .

December 1, 2021

as we was out on thee street as my mother said as this automobile turned up as she said see you after christmas.and as they drove away I thought I’ll walk into thee village where my other aunt lived to see if I could stay there at only 6years olde going on 7 as I walked by thee shops and thee off licence where I would collect thee olde beer bottles to get a packet of cigarettes back then a child could buy them wyth no questions asked .as I stood out side my aunt’s and her family was sitting by thee Christmas tree as I knocked on their door she came and opened it and said no room in thee place for you as I later found out when I was born that two men gate crashed my mother’s fyreworks party and I later found out it was my Jack and Guy Fawkes. As I went on my way thinking now what am I going to do I’m on myOwn and I’m frightened where’s my mummy ? As I walked back up to where my aunt lived who threw us out of thee place we rented as I went to their door and said why did you do it ? As she said you’re mother was told that we sold it as I said well what am I supposed to do till she returns ? After all it’s Christmas .so she said you can live wyth Paul and Keith in their pen and don’t expect any presents as you’re mother wouldn’t lyke it there’s fresh watter and apples in thee barn don’t expect nothing else as I went up to Paul’s and Keith’s sty and settled down beside them as it was warm at least and as I heard them laughing and having fun thinking I’ll be glad when Christmas is over as thee long days and nights dragged by then after Christmas my mother returned and said I’ve met this great bloke and I found you a place to stay wyth his mother and for a few months I did that then they rented a prefab near by but as my mother said years later you had nothing as in them days there was no child benefit and them six months later I was back at my aunt’s looking after Paul and Keith thee pigs

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