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tis be one of thee coldest places we’ve ever lyfed in brr brr tis be colde inside and it plays havoc wyth my circulation as I go blue and shivers in thee uttoxeter twilight zone

December 1, 2021

Thee place wyth it’s I’ll fitting doors and winders it’s lyke sitting in a wind turbine and it’s so drafty and impossible to heat and on Monday morning I cut my hand thee blood was everywhere so Jack said cummath wyth me as he held my hand over thee urinal and got out his big trouser snake as I said that love machine of youres isn’t going to bite my hand is it Jack as you activate your love machine as Jack said it’s men’s business and my husband said men’s work men’s thinking keep you’re hand still as he peed on thee cut boy that stang and hurt but stopped it bleeding but after washing it after wards Jack put a plaster on it and said wyth you’re blood clots we can’t take no chances my love after a long cuddles

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