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as we fynd lighting wyth these modern LCD baulbes a really a problem infact terrible as we had to go into thee village to get thee right Christmas tree so we can bring you our tribute to my husband’s and Jack and Christopher and David’s favourite car program on Quest wyth Anthony Anstead in our place is ruled by men .

December 3, 2021

As at six a clock on a week day for my husband and thee lads it’s compulsive viewing for them wyth a cup of builders tea to watch Anthony at work on his repairs on his Automobiles his mate Mike brings into his garage and them to make a profit when sold .but as they watch thee automobile as Anothony explains in great detail I just look at him to me one automobile looks lyke another one I know some are big ones and come in different sizes and colors and if any one asked me to name three makes well thee ford cortina mk 3 thee pink Cadillac and thee Bentley continental other than that no but on thee program poor Anothony did all thee work and they never made a profit on their Automobile Anothony works so hard and even made wyth his own fair hands wyth a bad arm a racing autobile from thee 1930s so coming soon. Here’s our special tree and for me we really enjoy watching wheeler dealers great show thee tree isn’t finished yet but we just show you thee start of it

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