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coming soon thee Eric Dire Hun Christmas tree wyth pifco soccer lights wych took ages to get back in 1986 but first a Christmas story about Gregory thee turkey 🦃 from Norfolk have you got a light bouy?

December 6, 2021

back in thee Tottenham years in northern Londinuim in 1996 a friend of myne called Ted said now you have been living in London I have a couple of friends I would lyke to introduce to you and they wyll be coming at three for tea is that ok ya ? As Ted said you haven’t got any videos of Anglia news as there pet comes from Norfolk and he gets home sick lyfing in London ? As I said I’m afraid not !; Oh bother that really is such a boare oh well that wyll be ok then .as Ted was stroking my pussy thee door bell rang from down stairs so as it was dark and no electric light I lit a candle and Ted was holding my pussy as we went down to let them in but as I got to thee front door as I heard this gobberling noise as I thought what have I let my self in for ? As I opened it there was these two chaps wyth this 🦃 on a blue lead as they said hello I’m Paul and I’m Simon and this is Gregory how do you do ? I said jolly good show but when my pussy saw Gregory he shot out Ted’s arms and Gregory escaped up thee stairs as Ted tried to get my pussy as evenchally he managed it as Paul grabbed Gregory and wyth my holding thee candle we went up Stairs as we sat down I said who would lyke tea or coffee ? Oh tea please and Gregory wyll have a bit of cake on a plate and can you make it into crumbs for him ? As I made thee tea and put thee plate down on thee floor as Gregory pecked at his cake as Paul said what a hairy pussy you have wyth big lips I bet you get lots of men wanting to give it a stroke as Ted said so many men so little I said gentle men please I’m not that sort of girl and I’m very particular who plays wyth my pussy as Simon said I bet ten out of twelve men said that they couldn’t wait to prefer getting their hands on it as I said typical man only thinks about one thing

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