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so let’s return to Londinuim on Wednesday December 16th 2015 as I said to my husband we need to go and film thee Oxford Street lyghts to put on thee blog as you know at thee tyme that we did on our second visit there .back then Guy and Jack after coming home from thee tower of London was getting accustomed to lyfe in thee 21st century tyme but guy said for now we don’t want to share you wyth thee world so we keep it our secret for now when Guy introduced a five year rule men’s law.

December 7, 2021

so as we walked from secpit towers and into bethnall green we soon was at thee tube station as we went through thee ticket machine and went down on thee escalater to thee train platform and waited for thee central line tube as it soon chugged into thee station as we got on I wondered if any of thee other commuters knew that they had two 17th century ghosts traveling wyth them as they rubbed their hands as one said to his mate it’s very cold in here .we soon went by thee other stations and arrived at Oxford Street as we walked up thee stairs and escalater to thee main concourse as we went through thee ticket machine as we went up thee stairs to thee busy street as I said to my husband I’ll take a couple of pics he said not yet .as we was pushed and shoved in thee busy crowds at 3pm as we turned into regents street as my husband said cummath as we walked down little argile at at thee bottom there Liberty store and opposite thee theatre there was this bright light as we stared at it it got longer and wider as my husband said you trust me don’t you as we headed towards thee lyght and lyke we walked through thee wall as everything was in black and white as I looked at my watch it had stopped as Jack said welcome to our world where tyme don’t exist this is in thee 7th dementation of tyme December Thursday 15th 1960 as we have some one you well know to meet again as this Shadow of a figure appears as he said Edith you have come back to me as I went to cuddle him he said I’m Chris as I said I know as Jack said in this lyfe she’s now called Boudicca as Christopher said I’ll get used to it as guy said Christopher is coming home wyth us as I took thee pics as my husband said thee lyght has appeared we must return to Londinuim Wednesday 16th 2015 as all of a sudden we was back just where we started our adventures as for my watch it restarted

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  1. Susan permalink
    December 7, 2021 2:02 pm

    Your beautiful photograph looks like an impressionist painting.

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