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but it wasn’t thee first tyme we visited 7th demential tyme so let’s return to a over cast rainy day in londinuim Saturday 17th December 1960

December 8, 2021

on Friday morning we returned to Oxford Street on 18th December 2015 we thought we would avoid thee rush of shoppers in thee busy west end street but as we got on to thee main Street it was busy as my husband and Jack said let’s go down little argyle Street as we can do wyth less hussle and bussle as thee lyght appears where it did two days earlier as once again we walked back into tyme as we walked up thee busy street as thee autobiles and busses went up and down Oxford Street Wych was busy and wet as we took our pics after looking through thee brightly shop winders at all thee goods on display wyth loads of shoppers as thee sounds of shop cash registers ringing up and soon it was tyme to walk back through thee lyght that once again appears and soon we was back in 21st century London

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