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good morning contraflow roads motle Mrs Fawkes speaking can I help you ?? Even thou thee doors finally closed earlier this year we did thee Christmas episodes parte 15 and 16 wych for thee first tyme we are now going to show one and all .so let’s return to thee contraflow roads motle in Christmas scene continuation scene .

December 9, 2021

Good morning Jack and how’s you getting on wyth thee trees for reception ? As my husband said we are just about to put them up as Jack said come on then Guido and Tom can you give us a hand ? As they go outside and I hold thee door open as they bring thee 7ft trees in .as Jack said Mrs Fawkes as you can see I’ve got my hands around a great big one and as I said that I can see Jack you cirtainly got you’re hands full there haven’t you. ? As my husband and Jack put thee trees into possition and finally undo thee string as thee branches flop down .as Jack said mines a bushy one don’t you think beloved? As my husband said but mynes bigger as I said husband I know you have a big one as my husband said you know what that say Yorkshire men are bigger as Jack said and still thee same price ? But as I said to Jack I see youres is bright branches and bushy tailed .oh yes Jack said I’ve a bushy tail you should know boudicca ? Yes Jack after 418 years I know it well .as my husband said tyme for you jack and wife to start trimming them up as Jack starts hanging his balls on thee tree as he said as you know I’ve allways had big Yorkshire balls and as I said and for me I must say Jack I just love thee way they hand and I wouldn’t mind helping you wyth making sure you putting you’re big balls at thee bottom of thee tree and I put some smaller baulbes in thee middle and you can put you’re other balls at thee top .as jack Said that sounds lyke a plotte good idear my dear end of parte 15christmas special edition and here’s our cardes we sent and gave to each other

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