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Every year we choose our Christmas cardes together and in a olde dusty box we keep thee cardes of Christmas past

December 10, 2021

As my husband and I and Jack had a look at them as my husband and Jack said we know you looked through many cardes that year as thaw knows what a beautiful poem what thaw touched my heart .as I said well you had to have thee best as second best wouldn’t pass thee test in our little village of uttoxeter there isn’t much of a selection but we eventually fynd thee ones that express how we feel about one another’s lovied after all these centuries that has passed but even thou in thee late 16th century and in deed when king Henry Thee 8th ruled thee thrown of Engaland Christmas was only for thee rich and for them it was thee 12days of feasting when dinner was at 10am but wyth four courses and present giving it was thee only tyme that an ordinary man kept charge and Henry had to do as he was told yes for 12days of Christmas Henry 8th was told what to do it seems hard to amagine but that how it was but for ordinary folk it was thee festival of lyght untill thee Victorian era

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