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its been a busy day as doctor Death and doctor coffin came back after a couple of days when they brought a leech to do my blood test I called it mark after a flesh and blood bloke I knew any way they reported back and said results are it’s gone you’re Eare infection and what we prescribed worked .so in thee after noon. I saw thee nurse who said thee infection had gone as I said I saw doctors death and Coffin after that there was a knock on thee door after we came back and refreshed our selves husband and Jack wyth a ciggy me cup of tea and Kate peters who came to do some filming even thou we don’t appear on thee film she did today as my husband won’t allow it but as she’s doing A book About us we let her use a few pics for it as for mark thee leach thee little bleeder lyke thee fat one I once knew never thee twain wyll meet

December 10, 2021
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