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As one in all knaws that I know and seen many ghosts in my tyme and in a way when they allow me to take their pics its their way of saying hi world my body may be dead but I’m much a lyfe so let’s return to thee londinum years ready as we go back through thee mists of tyme.

December 16, 2021

As you know that my husband and Jack and I lyfed in Bethnall green in east London and we used to go to brick lane market as well as columbia road and spittle fields market .but as we took a stroll from brick lane and walked along Faunier street thee quicker way to thee market in thee distance I could see these carol singers as we got closer and my husband and Jack crossed thee road I went a couple of yards nearer but as they sang their carol no sound as their musical instruments made no sound as they played them there was a chestnut seller as I thought I’d warm my hands by it but yet no heat as they looked and as I took their pic as a few snowe flakes started to fall did you know that no two snowe flakes are thee same as my husband and Jack stood by my side as we held hands said they haunts near by is their home and they very rarely appear and here they are

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  1. December 16, 2021 9:53 am

    I hope that here in our church at thee beginning of next year we will finally have “A Night of Carols and Candles” again. Because of thee unfortunate “pandemic” it was cancelled this year and last year. Very much as described in your blog entry today! (Almost a Christmas story…)

    A beautiful photo. I wish you a blessed Advent season and all the best!

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