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GoodMorning from us all from thee contraflow roads motle parte 16extended scene Christian special parte one of 3 gluten Morgan Frohe Wei hnachten.

December 22, 2021

Hallo Guten Morgan contraflow roads motle can I help you Mrs Fawkes speaking? On thee other end of thee phone it’s Father Henry Garnet .good morning Boudicca .good morning Henry how are you how can I help ? As father Henry says don’t forget it’s choir practice today at 246pm and do you know if King Henry thee 8th is still coming ? Oh yes he’s here wyth us now wyth his wandering hands talk about letting you’re fingers doing thee walking he could write a travel book wyth thous .as I say Henry Tudor hands up where I can see them .soon it was 246 pm and at thee local church we sang OTANNENBAUM OTANNENBAUM wyth my husband on thee harpsichord and Jack on crumhorn and Chris on lutes wyth Tom and Robert as Henry and I can only sing in German so this is what we sang OTANNENBAUM o OTANNENBAUM Dein kleid wyllich hoffnungund bestandigkeit gibe trostund Kraft zujeder Zeit oh Tannenbaum oh Tannenbaum das soll Dein kleid Mick lehren oh Tannenbaum oh Tannenbaum Wie treu sind deint Blatter du grunst nicht nur zur nein avchim winter WENN es schneit oh Tannenbaum oh Tannenbaum Wie teen sino define Blatter oh Tannenbaum oh Tannenbaum dukannst mir sehr gefallen weioft hat nicht zur weihachhtszeit einbaumvon erfreut o OTANNENBAUM oh Tannenbaum du kannstmin sehr gefallen! As father Henry Garnet said that was great well done a happy Christmas to everyone in Germany end of parte one of thee contraflow roads motle

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