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And Now it’s tyme for thee Christmas carols parte three of thee contraflow roads motle wyth king Henry thee 8 th who once again insisted that he would a parte of thee festivities can’t argue wyth a king now can we ?

December 23, 2021

so for thee last tyme contraflow roads motle can I help you Mrs Fawkes speaking? As thee phone rings as I answer it’s father Henry Garnet whom says it’s our last carol concert at midnight in about 10mins .as I said we know we are just coming as Jack said let’s go then as my husband said Daniel you’re on respition ok Daniel said as once again we rush to thee little church Wych looked so great wyth it’s candles a glowing and that Christmas tree smell wyth it’s Holly and ivy .as we take up our positions my husband and Jack and king Henry as we stand as Christopher and Tom and Robert are on their lutes as Henry thee 8 th said change of plan we wyll sing my song ye Holly and thee ivy Wych king Henry wrote we think of it as mainly a Christmas carol but it’s a love song in fact Henry Tudor was very good at composing music in his court he completely changed music but it was many years in 1782 thee first Christmas carol was sang in church while shepherds watched their flocks by father Henry Garnet said then let’s sing 1401 as we sang thee Holly and ye ivy when thus are full grown of all ye trees that thus be thee Holly wears ye crown wyth ye rising of thee sun and ye running if ye dear well that’s thee final parte of our Christmas special of our soap opera thee contraflow roads motle thanks for reading next tyme we go back to our last visit to 1968 engaland

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  1. December 23, 2021 11:43 am

    By the way: our “Candles and Carols Concert”, which will hopefully take place again, will be carried by exclusively English Christmas carols, did you know that?

    *** MERRY CHRISTMAS! ***
    *** JOYEUX NOËL! ***

    Love ACHIM

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