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So let’s return to thee londinum years to 15th October 2015 as we arrived at Oxford Street station as we went up thee stairs to thee street above wyth our Kodak cameras I looked at Jack and my husband and said this is not October 2015 as we looked at thee busy Londinum street my husband and Jack said no that’s right we are in thee unstable 11th demention of tyme Saturday Aprill 13th 1968 as we crossed over thee busy street and went into a few shops and took a few pics and there was this big record shop and there was these big TVs black and white sets as I said to my husband oh I lyke them can we buy one we got some pounds shillings and pence as Jack said look at this purchase tax on them as my husband said it wouldn’t survive thee tyme fault between thee two worlds oh ok I said as my husband and Jack said look outside tyme is starting to dissstort Jack pics taken yes Jack said then we must return to 2015 as we crossed over thee road it was a drizzly day back in October 2015 as my husband and Jack said we made it back just in tyme shame about thee TV set but it wouldn’t of made it not only that in this tyme it’s wet here’s our pics but it would signal thee end of thee return’s to 1960s Britain here’s thee pics we took you could say a snap shot into 1968 London

December 23, 2021
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