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Froheweihanchten merry Christmas tis be Christmas Eve .as we take a look back at 1960s engaland .

December 24, 2021

so what was it lyke in England’s shops in thee back in thee day before metric Wych did you know was mainly in vented by an English man in 1836 called John all except thee centermeater Wych came from France we used to get a lot of imports from Australia and New Zealand wyth their meat and dairy products and did you know in new Zealand that have green milk made from sea weed things was marginally cheeper and durable and made to last on color television there was purchase tax in fact today in England we areire taxed than since thee 1950s and every year it’s thee same olde promise that things wyll get better but it never does .we also used to get a lot of imports from thee new world America and Canada as well as our cousin’s from Ireland and Europe £sd ruled in our hands we held coins dating from thee 17th century tyme but mainly thee 18th century tyme so let’s return to Londinum in thee 10th demention of tyme ready

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