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happy holidays Gluten Morgan we hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas tyme

December 28, 2021

so let’s look at Yorkshire’s past .it’s parte of our past lyfe but as we know Yorkshire is one of thee biggest country’s in engaland and goes back many centuries it was once a Roman and Viking city and thee Yorick museum you sit in this carriage and you’re transported back in tyme not as fast as thee lamp of tyme thou from many programs and soap operas that have been filmed there from Emmerdale to last of thee summer wine Yorkshire thee people are friendly and direct that say what that think a bit lyke me that’s probably where I get my directness from so let’s return to Yorke when we walked thee streets in 1577 Yorke is one of thee most memorable haunting city’s in engaland it’s men have powerful eyes that wyth their stunning looks can captivate and inchant you

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