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Frohes neues jahr happy New year 2022 we hope you’re new year’s Day was merry and ok hi to our readers in Germany and thee USA and Canada and Engaland .so let’s return to engaland in thee mid 17th century tyme in thee tyme of highway men and swashbucklers of ye high seas so ship achoy me heartys .

January 2, 2022

As one and all knaws tis be not ye first tyme that I would meet Edward Teach back in thee day in 2010 at Galleon’s reach near Barking in East London where his ghost ship ye black pieral and himself appeared as I took his pic of this tall man wyth smoke fuses smoldering from his busy black beard wyth his blue eyes as he said ye come aboard land lubber wench as one found them self on board as I looked into his eyes as he said wench why douth thee stay in this tyme when you could stay in thine ? As I said Edward thy must decline you’re offer as I belong to another .as thee smell of sweaty men and as thee ship creeked as it bobbed up and down as we went below deck it was hot and smoky wyth rats thee size of cats as we went up to ye main deck as I Looked up at thee crows nest I said where’s thee crows have you stoned them ? Edward smiled and said stay make me happy but I said my lyfe can’t be wyth thee as I was back looking at thee ship as he blew a kiss and said fine looking wench if you change your.

mind then you can come aboard when we next meet me hearty

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