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But One thing many of you don’t know that back in thee day Christmas 1976 at our Christmas carol OTANNENBAUM is what I sang wyth thee males choir as thay didn’t sing German they hummed and joined in wyth while shepherds watched their flocks by nite and harken thee herald angels sing .

January 5, 2022

wyth thee little church wyth it’s Christmas tree and everyone dressed in white in thee choir as I stood there waiting for thee organist to play as thee man at thee side was pumping up thee orgain I thought to my self I hope I don’t crack any winders but wyth all them eyes watching me talk about beeing thrown in at thee deep end as their was no rehursealls and I sang wyth my heart thee carol OTANNENBAUM thee audience said after wards what’s that one called again OTANNENBAUM it’s German famous carol I said but who would of thought that I would sing wyth king Henry thee 8th who is brilliant as along wyth my husband and Jack and Chris and Tom

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