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As we await thee return of king Henry thee 8th and in thee meantyme let’s look at one his songs he wrote in English and in German ready and in thee court of king Henry he sang his song but then insisted that we sang parte of it so coming soon Tudor fyreworks for a Tudor king Henry

January 13, 2022

Green sleeves alas my loved ye do me wrong ye cast thus off discourteously and thou hasuth loved ye for so long delighting in you’re company.Greensleeves was all my joy Greensleeves was my delight Greensleeves was my heart of gold ah thus and who be my Greensleeves I have been ready at ye hand to grant ye whatever ye crave I both waged life and land you’re love and goodwill for to have Greensleeves thou couldst dirsire no earthly thing and still thou hadst it readily thy music still play and sing at yet thou wouldst or loved me . Greensleeves now adieu god I pray to prosper thee for I am still thy true love come once again and love me Greensleeves did you know according to king Henry was about a loose wimmin that what Greensleeves means next tyme we do thee German version

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