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Parte two as you may know that king Henry could speak German among his many attributes so let’s return to us at Placentia palace June Monday 28th 1536

January 13, 2022

Greensleeves O weh!meine du tust mir so unhflich zu versollen und ish have such so Lange geliebt und freude an deiner gesellschaft Greensleeves war mein entzucken Greensleeves war mein Herz Von gold Greensleeves

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  1. January 13, 2022 10:42 pm

    Ah, wonderful: “Greensleeves” and also “Scarborough Fair” are among my favourite English folk songs! I didn’t know that the first one was written by Henry VIII. And then even in German — magnificent!

    O weh, mein Lieb’, tust Unrecht mir
    grob fort zu stoßen mich im Streit
    so lange hielt ich treu zu Dir
    voll Glück an Deiner Seit’.
    Greensleeves war all mein Freud’
    Greensleeves war mein Entzücken
    Greensleeves war mein gülden Herz
    Und wer außer Lady Greensleeves?

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