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As you all may remember that last year we for our soap opera thee contraflow roads motle went back to Silchester Wych is ten miles from Reading

January 16, 2022

as we returned to Roman Britain Britannia Silchester was in thee first century tyme was one of thee first Roman towns to have a street layed out plan wyth it’s temples and bathhouse wyth it’s underground heating and dwellings that had thee same wyth taverns and factories and shops how ever as thee population grew so did thee bathhouse but in thee 5th century thee Romans left and Silchester met it’s demise and became uneconomic so people left a bit lyke wyth Frame Chester and cordchester Wych went into thee mists of tyme but where were thay you may well ask cordchester was in east Anglia and Frame Chester in Yorkshire near witby you never know architectural fynds may well fynd them yet on a dig so let’s say friends Romans country men lend me you’re ears Silchester calling

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