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When Tyme gets distorted and then everything stopped back in thee day on November 5th 2018 as we had already booked our photo shoot at thee local photographic shoppe in thee village of hell and brimstone uttoxeter twilight zone .

January 18, 2022

as we waited for thee ye uttoxeter stage coach my husband said it’s just going to be you on thee pics wyth us making a breaf appearance thee photoshoot was booked for 12pm British winter tyme but thee stage coach after one hour of waiting didn’t show up as thee Raine thus started to fall as my husband said don’t worry we wyll get there just in tyme as Tom said look there’s a bright lyght by thee tree oppisit as my husband and Jack said let’s cross over thee road and my husband said it’s tyme fault as everything stopped next minute we was outside thee shoppe and as we went in thee sales assistant Mr Joel said strange thing happened earlier all thee lyghts flickering on and off as we did thee photos we then went to our little village shoppe to buy some provisions as Andy came and said you look glamorous you’re a very attractive woman you know but my husband wasn’t pleased and thee lyghts flickering and some areas of thee shop went out as people thumbelled about as Andy said sorry Guido then thee lyghts came back on as we walked through thee village People said go back to London you freeks go back to London as we went and collected our pics from thee shoppe and as we flagged a stage coach down ye Staffordshire stage and arrived back to thee ash towers hoovel

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