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So at last king Henry thee 8th has come and along wyth my husband and Jack and Chris approved our pics Wych thee lamp of tyme could just manage to take them remember these pics are taken in thee 12th demention of tyme what you’re seeing is events that took place in a moment of tyme so let’s return to Tuesday 22nd of June 1536 Tudor fyreworks for a Tudor king Henry

January 19, 2022

as you know that we wasn’t on any internet sites as we last week was in Londinum but we came across this coach and horses as my husband and Jack and Chris said don’t lyke thee look or that !;as I then said you don’t think it’s one of little Jimmy’s spy’s husband? Asy husband and Jack said a bit posh for that … As I said very important looking don’t you think ?.as we got nearer thee door flung open and there was king Henry sitting inside as his then said Jayne my beloved Jayne thou douth return to ye .as my husband and Jack and Chris said why’s he calling you Jayne ? As I said thoust knew I’d had a past lyfe wyth king Henry but all thoust can remember is that I was in ye Tudor court and we used to walk around thee gardens at Elsyng palace by thee river Thamesis near Londinum .and I remember tis be king Henry’s birthday Monday 28th June as king Henry got out of his coach and said Fawkes I need you to along wyth Jayne to come wyth thee to make fyreworks for my birthday event to be thus called Tudor fyreworks for a Tudor king and queen and a few invited members of thee Placentia palace do what you have to do you have a little while as my husband and Jack and Chris said what if we refuse ? As king Henry said douth bloive thou up as I said then we wyll comeuth but first we must buy you a birthday gift as we went on our way and looked around and I said to my husband how much money we have ?as he said beloived we have four angles and ten grout’s we found a gold goblet as my husband said how much thee assistant said one angle five grouts as he payed as we came out thee shoppe Henry thee 8th said we have to leave now but where wyll we stay at thee palace of Placentia you wyll be given thee things you need to assist you but you wyll have thus to make twelve gerbs and two Girandolas as we got into thee coach it sped off out of Londinum end of parte one

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