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January 21, 2022

at 330 am this morning as thee residents of ash towers snored there was this flash of bright lyght as Tom took thee phone and we went outside to see what it was a bout when all of a sudden thee archangels came from heaven above along wyth thee boss as thee archangels blew there trumpets and archangels Michael and Gabriel and Uriel and Raphael and Remiel and jermaile and Ariel lioness of God Megatron and Sarquel and as we found our selves at thee bosses side as he said on you’re earth daughter wyth it’s heathen violence ways thee word of God and his teachings should not be forgotten we still see that you are truly true and good and even though you are not popular on earth you are popular in our world as we came back to earth and then they was gone as thee archangels blew there trumpets and said our chosen ones you must take what you know and use what you have learned and you’re protected then thee sky went black as Tom said how douth you feel Boudicca and Guido as I said stunned and shocked and shocked and stunned asy husband said that was a great honour we was beloived away as I made thee tea and we sat and talked about thee events of what happened wow as I said well tyme to put our Tudor fyreworks story on and then we had forty winks god mooves in mysterious ways there’s more to lyfe than heaven and earth praise be to God

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