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Parte 3 day one of fyreworks for king Henry thee 8th Tuesday 22nd of June 1536 in thee 12th demention of tyme

January 21, 2022

As we Made our way to thee dining room thee refectory everyone was waiting as thee man announced us Jayne and party from far away lands as my husband and Jack and Chris bowed to thee king and queen and I curtsey Goode morning you’re magisty hasuth been having a great morning? As at thee top table there was four places as thee king said cummuth Jayne thoust douth bloive me away wyth you’re Greensleeves gown sit beside me as my husband sat thee other side of me and Jack by him and Chris by Jack as Henry picked a leg of peacock and then everyone started after we said grase at thee side of Chris was Cardinal Wolsey and Thomas Cromwell amongst other members of thee Tudor court .as Thomas Cromwell said thoust hasuth been away for a long tyme we trust you’re adventures hasuth brought you many insites for you and your party .as I then said in a way I’ve been very enlightening experience .and you’re self Thomas hasuth been busy and hasuth a fruit full tymes ?as Thomas Cromwell replied yes madam one hasuth as cardenal Wolsey said you have been missed at court as I felt this hand on my knee and also on my right knee as I looked at my husband who was eating wyth his left hand and king Henry wyth his right hand as both smiled as thee queen said Henry looks pleased don’t you think Jayne thoust douth could be right you’re magisty hasuth be right .as king Henry said how’s ye planning going for thee event for Monday Fawkes one wyll be seeing you at 3pm this afternoon as my husband said thoust shall you’re magisty thou shalt as Henry said then let it be so Fawkes son of Yorkshire end of parte three


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