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So let’s return to Tudor fyreworks for a Tudor king parte three so let’s have thee luxury of tyme Tuesday 22nd of June 1536

January 21, 2022

after thee feast fineshed at 1230pm and we thanked king Henry and queen we went outside thee palace to see how king Henry’s birthday fyreworks display could be done as Jack said let’s put thee girandola fyreworks on thee river Thamesis bank and thee dragons about a ferlong up in thee air on two wyres as one would travel in one direction and thee other in thee oppisit direction thus we need two poles to also be put on thee oppisit bank as my husband said then I’d have to make four gerbs and thirty other herbs for thee girandola fyreworks it would be two wheels made of wood to be put on a pole that would spin at thee same tyme so two poles and four wheels and we need tubes and potashes and lots of wee to make thee saltpetre as my husband said wife can you and Jack make thee dragons that need to be a foot tall and three foot long wyth hole near tail and mouth so I can insert thee fyreworks in side as tyme was getting on we returned inside thee palace and made our way to king Henry who was sitting in his room as we went in and my husband and Jack and Chris bowed and curtseying by me as king Henry listened as my husband and Jack and Chris explained what neede to be done and king Henry agreed as king Henry said beloived Jayne thoust douth be helping ? Yes you’re magisty but I’ll wyll need some quara woad Wych is blue die madden and lichen weld as Henry smiled and said it shall be done as my husband said we also need wee for thee saltpetre to make thee fyreworks plus some thick partchment and lots of it as Henry said everything you need wyll be arranged tomorrow after we have eaten and talking of food it’s 4pm thoust wyll make our way to thee main hall beloved Jayne thoust wyll take my arm as we arrived at thee hall everyone was standing and waiting as thee man announced king Henry and party from far away lands as we went to our places king Henry sat down and then again put his hand on my leg as queen jane said Jayne thoust douth look very good in you’re dress I visited Londinum last week and saw one just lyke it in thee winder but when I looked again it was gone as I went to enquire thee assistant said that it was thee only one of its kind as king Henry smiled and said Jayne thoust douth have good taste as he went quite red end of parte three

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