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Parte four of Tudor fyreworks for a Tudor king Henry so let’s return to my first past life at my last tarot card reading back in 2018;I was told of another past lyfe back in Henry’s tyme and that that’s why his ghost back in January 2014 made contact wyth me on that snowy day at Hampton court palace ah love it never dies shall we return then to 12th dementional tyme

January 22, 2022

as at 8pm candle tyme after we had eaten at king Henry’s banquet we said thankyou you’re magisty as everyone was also leaving as king Henry said beloived goodnight we then bowed and curtseying by me then left as my husband and Jack and Chris said what a busy day and I couldn’t eat another thing as Jack said that roast swan and peacock was really very good as Christopher said I could get used to this as my husband and Jack said not fussed summut and noubt just my wife wyll do me don’t you think Jack ?; Yes Guido Jack said and she’s my lover we soon got undressed and retired to our beds and as Christopher Lykes sleeping on his own Jack slept wyth us as I felt my husband’s strong powerful arms around me as we made intense love and afterwards Jack held me in his sword fighter arms and we all fell asleep next minute it was five thirty am on Wednesday 23rd june as my husband yawning said we better get up and by thee tyme we got ready it was tyme to fynd something to drink as a knock on thee door as Christopher answered it as this servent said wyth drinks in his hand wyth complements of his magisty thee king Henry and Fawkes king Henry wyll see you in thee great hall at 9am end of parte four

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