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Tudor Fyreworks for a Tudor king Henry parte four Wednesday morning

January 22, 2022

as after we got and had our drinks a flaggon of mead and Jack and Chris and my husband had a flaggon of ale Wych is highly spiced we then set off to see king Henry in thee main hall we exchanged pleasantries and he said thoust douth say beloved Jayne thoust douth look a picture and set in thee most perfect mould .as I looked at my husband and said why thank you you’re magisty you are to kind and may I say that you truly are very handsome and we thank you for your good wishes and kindness .as king Henry said beloived Jayne thoust are so kind king Henry then said Fawkes you’re things are ready for you to make what’s required as my husband said then wyth you’re magisty s permission we wyll start thee job in hand this very morning as king Henry said after you’ve eaten of course

? Yes you’re magisty as king Henry rose from his thrown and then said beloived Jayne thoust wyll walk wyth me to thee banquet hall as it’s now tyme to eat .yes you’re magisty thankyou as I walked beside him as he grabbed my hand and my husband held thee other as we entered thee banquet hall every one was standing and looking but no queen jane as I said where’s your queen Henry ? At eysing palace as thee servent said king Henry and party from far away lands as every one bowed and curtseying I didn’t know where to look as people looked and whispered to each other as king Henry said silence and as we sat down every one else did to as thee table was full of meat and pies and my husband and Jack and Chris eat their venison and custarde pie but thee food was a mixture of sweet and savory all mixed up in thee same dyshefull pies had no tops on them and very highly spiced but lots of ale wine and mead after two hours king Henry arose to his feet and said I’ve got state business to attend wyth we all bowed and curtseying and then left thee banquet hall as we went outside as my husband and Jack and Chris started to sort out what needed to be done as wyth reeds to make thee rope wyth I started wyth some wyre to make thee dragons and Jack helped soon thay was made and we covered them wyth many cubits of partchment paper and held it together wyth flour and watter as my husband and Chris made thee tubes for thee gerb fyreworks to dry and we took them all inside just as king Henry was coming as he said you hasuth done well end of parte four

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