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So let’s return to my first past lyfe parte 5 Thursday 24 th of June 1536

January 23, 2022

as we all sat down wyth king Henry after we had eaten tis be tyme for thee entertainment as music was played by minstrels and jester’s danced as king Henry said Jayne and party wyll play and sing for thee court as I looked at my husband and Jack and Chris and said did art thoust douth know about this as my husband and Jack and Chris said no as we got up and my husband and Jack and Chris played thee lutes as I sang wyth a hey and a hoe wyth ye wynd and thee rainuth every day when we fineshed king Henry and thee court clapped and wanted more as king Henry clicked his fingers to thee servents who brought his chair in and put it in thee center of thee room as he said to both Jane and I as he sat down as he said kneel beside me as my husband and Jack and Chris bowed and played Henry’s song Greensleeves as when he finally finished his song as everyone clapped he said music begin to ye Holly and thee ivy song Wych we all joined in as thee couturiers clapped and king Henry said beloived Jane and Jayne thoust douth say that ye look fine on thus said day and thoust art wyll never forget thus said day as he arose and we clapped and bowed and curtseying as king Henry said you may return to you’re places at thee table as we sat down thee king Henry said more drinks as thus tomorrow it’s ye tournament on thee balling green at 2pm and he said tyme for bed comeuth my queen aswe bowed and curtseying as we left Henry came over and kissed me on my cheek untill tomorrow my beloved Jayne and party as we walked down thee long busy corridor it was dark as my husband absolutely furious said he’s got some cheek as we went into our room Jack said it seems lyke he’s given us tests and Chris and my husband agreed as we got into our four poster bed as we held each other my husband and Jack said did you know that you look very much lyke thee queen as I said don’t win tomorrow’s game let Henry win I know you’re thee best at balls and thoust douth lovid thoust very much my husband and Jack as thay said I lovid you as we fell asleep we awoke to Friday 25 th of June at candle tyme 9am end of parte 5

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