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Tis be tyme for parte six of fyreworks for a Tudor king Henry in thee 12th demention of tyme Friday June 25th 1536 so let’s return as we meet king Henry in thee great hall wyth his proposal to stay

January 23, 2022

as once again king Henry had brought our drinks via his servant to us as we thanked them and after our drinks we looked at our handy work thee dragons was ok but ye gerb fyreworks cases was to flimsy as my husband said now what we going to do wife ?as I said why not use more partchment paper and double it lyke a scroll .as Jack said by have we got enough for 36fyreworks as Christopher said as he looked yes we should have ? As we quickly set to work making thee cases by this tyme it was 930am candle tyme as we rushed to king Henry as he sat in his chair and said you have been a considerable asset to myself and my court why don’t you think about staying in this tyme as it’s been wonderful seeing my beloved Jayne again and I douth say beloved Jayne thoust makes our day as we thanked king Henry and said sadly thoust cannot tyme as we know it would be disstrouyed and thee consequences would be disastrous to say thee least as king Henry said beloived Jayne that I lovid you as I then looked at my husband and said and I loved you but you have you’re lyfe wyth queen Jane and she wyll make you happy and give you thee son you always wanted but you always be in my heart as from we first met for ever and a day and I’m bethrolled to another my husband as king Henry said beloived Jayne thoust douth know you’re right but if you ever change your mynds you’re more than welcome to return to us but promise me that you wyll return to me from tyme to tyme promise me .yes king Henry as I gave him a cuddle as king Henry said beloived Jayne comeuth wyth me as it’s tyme for Feasting to begin as we all walked down thee long corridor to thee banquet hall as thee doors opened his magisty king Henry and party from far away as we sat down as king Henry said beloived Jayne in you’re tyme you would not be missed if you left as you’re so undervalued think about it for all our sakes .as I said yes Henry but you know that I wyll return as thee years go by as we eat our food and drank it was soon tyme to leave and king Henry said tyme for matters of state as cardenal Wolsey and Thomas Cromwell was waiting for king Henry we bowed and curtseying by me and then started painting thee dragons wyth woad Wych is blue die and red dye occa it was soon 2pm when we arrived at thee bowling green and wyth big wooden balls after three games king Henry win thee tordiment and then it was four pm as we walked by thee palace kitchen you could smell thee bred and pies as we went back to thee banquet hall and sat down and king Henry was very pleased wyth himself and even queen Jane congratulations to king Henry end of parte six

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