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And now it’s parte 7of our daily journal of tyme in 1536 Friday as my husband said that idear of using Scrolls for thee gerb fyreworks was a great idear but we wyll prepare thee gun powder on Monday as Henry came in and said thoust see work in progress .yes you’re magisty as king Henry then said you sure you won’t stay ? As I said my dear king Henry sadly we can’t if only we could but we wyll visit from tyme to tyme beloved as king Henry said beloived Jayne thoust douth promise me that you wyll return yes Henry yes Henry

January 24, 2022

as king Henry said it’s thee ball in thee main hall on Saturday tomorrow at 9pm so today after our dinner at 1pm we and queen Jane wyll be traveling to Londinum as king Henry said beloived Jayne thoust hold you’re hand out and close you’re eyes as I felt these cold coins in it now open them as I did there was six gold angles coins in it as I looked at my husband and said I can’t except these yes you can and wyll you need a dress for tomorrow ball as he came over and held me in his arms and said I’ve always lovid you my beloved Jayne thoust a parte of me and I said oh my beloved Henry many years ago have passed and you will always be a parte of my life and yes I’d be delighted to buy a new dress and wyth my husband’s permission as guy said we’ll let it be so as he’s parte of you’re other past lyfe as king Henry said beloived Jayne thoust walk wyth me to thee banquet hall as my husband held my other hand thee trumpets played as thee servent anoust king Henry and party from far away lands God save thee king after we finished eating at 1pm thee coaches was waiting to take us to Londinum after a few hours we arrived as we all went into thee shop and looked at thee cubits of material as Christopher said I’ll go and fynd some more gold goblets from that shop we got thee other one from ok but be quick my husband said here’s two angles try to do a deal remember you’re a Yorkshire man lad ok Christopher said as there was some dresses all readymade in green and blue and gold and red king Henry said to Jane you wyll try this one on as she went into change evenchally she came out and did a curtsey as we looked and said you’re magisty you look devine as we looked at our selection of dresse king Henry said beloived it’s you’re turn as wyth agreement from my husband thay choose thee red and gold dresse as I went to try it on a few mins later I came out and curtseying to thee king as my husband said bloody hell as Jane and I stood together you look amazing you’re lyke sisters as king Henry said beloived Jayne and Jane thoust douth look devine as we quicky changed back into our other dresses and went on our way to another shop where we had chosen by thee king Henry and my husband necklace and earrings as I said to my husband no perils but evenchally it was ruby colour ones that was chosen by every one and Jane had gold and as Christopher came back wyth bag in hand as king Henry said everyone ready it’s tyme to return to Placentia palace as king Henry looked at Chris what’s in thee bag ?as Christopher said present from us for you’re birthday you’re magisty for Monday end of parte 7

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