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And now it’s tyme for parte 8of Tudor fyreworks for a Tudor king Henry narration by me additional dialogue by my husband and Jack and Chris and king Henry wyth only one parte to do we all now know about whom isy love in my other past lyfe and even today lyke wyth Guido and Jack and Chris and Tom and Robert it’s a link of our love and wyth king Henry love never dies always remember that lyfe is a learning curve as we lyfe then die our spirits lyfe on there’s more to lyfe than heaven and earth so let’s return to my Henry ready

January 25, 2022

as we returned to a fan fair from our visit to Londinum as thee many servents thee king and queen and kings Jayne and party from far away lands God save thee king as thay all bowed as also standing there was Cardinal Wolsey and Thomas Cromwell as we all got out of thee coaches and went inside as we bowed and curtseying to thee king and queen we went to our room and my husband and I had a long kiss and cuddle and also wyth Jack and Chris I gave them a kiss two as my husband said we’ll busy two days as I said yes husband and everything must be done as I said to my husband thee lamp of tyme isn’t very bright as my husband said it’s because we are between two worlds and tyme we havuth make sure that thee main fyreworks display is on this side as over thee other side thee lamp can’t reach us as I said I must see king Henry as my husband and Jack said why ? You know he gave me thee money for my dress he didn’t ask me to pay him as my husband said you better go right now wife after all we don’t want to loose our heads after all we all know and suffered ye same fate Chris you better go wyth my wife as we hurried down thee long corridor to king Henry’s office as cardenal Wolsey and Thomas Cromwell was just leaving and said Jayne thoust douth hope you’ll be staying wyth us for a long tyme after you’re visit to far away lands as thee king is looking mighty happy as he was very sad and missed his love good to see you may we meet soon as I said yes thou shalt be done Cardinal Wolsey and Thomas Cromwell then may we take our leave Jayne ?as Christopher looked and said what was that all about you’re magisty ? As king Henry was standing there my queen thoust has cummuth Jayne what can I do for ye ? Oh dear Henry you know this morning you gave me some angle coins for my new dress well I forgot to give you thee money as king Henry said oh yes I payed for it on thee royal account come in as I payed king Henry thee money back he said thankyou beloved Jayne and kissed me and as I looked into his big brown eyes and we cuddled he was so strong and he said thoust liveid you my beloved Jayne as we went to thee door as my husband and Jack and Chris bowed as we went to eat in thee banquet hall as I whispered to my husband about what happened at first he said I’ll skelp him as Christopher said it’s her past lyfe and thee events of history thus cannot be changed as my husband said wife that’s ok you’re forgiven thoust loves me and thou art loves you as once again we was announced king Henry and party from far away lands God save thee king as we sat down and eat our dinner end of parte eight

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