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Tudor fyreworks for a Tudor king Henry thee king of England and our adventures back in my past lyfe parte nine Saturday June 26th 1536 thee night of thee ball narration by me additional dialogue by my husband and Jack and Chris and king Henry thee 8th and queen Jane let’s return to thee 12th demention of tyme

January 25, 2022

so after a night wyth my husband as we made love he said beloived wife king Henry didn’t touch you where he shouldn’t ? As I said no husband he doth not surely you’re not jealous ? No but he may be a king but he’s still a red by blooded man in thee prime of his lyfe and boy is so in still liveid wyth you you know that surely you do wife ? As I said it was a long tyme ago but you have nothing to worry about my beloved husband he’s wyth thee other Jane now my love is wyth you and Jack and Chris asy husband said that is ok then as we went to thee banquet hall as king Henry was waiting as once again thee fan fair as thee servent anoust king Henry and party from far away lands God save thee king Henry as we sat down in our usual places and thee queen said oh Jayne thoust douth try thee roast peacock after all you’ll lyke that it’s all cock and no pee as I said thankyou you’re magisty but have you tried thee boar appearently there’s nothing lyke beeing a boar well is there you’re magisty don’t thus think ? As king Henry said that is enough queen Jane and then she said these far away lands you come from my husband ye king Henry said that that are heathens and salvages is that right ? Yes that are unruly as king Henry said beloived perhaps we better send a army if they get to unruly ?as king Henry said is that tavern still there now what was thee name oh yes crossroads ? As I said no you’re magisty it closed many moons ago .I see said king Henry shameuth as we finally finished our dinner king Henry said at 3pm on Sunday after prayer it’s thee toudiment I trust Guido and Jack and Chris you wyll want to joust in my pre birthday celebration as my husband and yes you’re magisty all rise for thee king as we went on our way to our room and at four pm we had our dinner as we went afterwards and got changed for thee pageant ball as we went to thee big hall king Henry and queen Jane was on there throws as thee servent anoust her highness Jayne and party from far away lands as Christopher and Jack went to get their drinks as king Henry said beloived Jayne thoust douth look amazing as king Henry said let thee dancing begin as we took to thee floor my husband and I and king Henry and queen Jane to Greensleeves as after a few dances king Henry bowed and said Jayne thoust douth do me thee honour of dancing wyth me ? As I looked at my husband he nodded as I curtsey at thee king and winked at my husband as king Henry held my waist and said anyone would think thoust douth think that you and queen Jane look thee same after we finished our dances I then danced wyth Jack and Chris as Jack said I knew it you and thee queen are thee same woman aren’t you beloved yes I said we are ones a ghost as we finally finished our dance Jack spoke to my husband and told him as my husband came over and said it this true what Jack douth tell me as I said it’s my former self as Christopher said I see that as thee night continued to thee small hours king Henry said tyme for bed as we thanked him for a great Tudor ball and Jack and Chris and my husband bowed and curtseying by me and we left my husband said so she’s thee spirit side of you but I’ve got thee flesh and blood side of you my beloved wife yes husband I said we went to bed and fell asleep as thee day light came through thee winder it was Sunday 27th June as we got dressed and made our way to thee banquet hall and after we said prayers and sang in thee church it was tyme for thee jousting contest as I said husband let king Henry win as king said can I wear you’re scarf on my Lance yes Henry as thee tournament went on it was my husband and king Henry ready for battle after three attempts riding up and down thee field it was thee last attempt for a winner but as thay set off my heart was in my mouth worrying if my husband would be knocked off his trusty steed all of a sudden there was this terrible thunder and lightning storm as king Henry said everyone in side and king Henry and my husband called it a draw as king Henry said Guido you fought lyke a knight well done end of parte nine last parte tomorrow

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