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And Now tis tyme for thee last ever story from Tudor tymes parte ten of Tudor fyreworks for a Tudor king Henry narration by me and king Henry and my husband we have been noticing that you haven’t been reading our story now come on you guys for me to revisit my first past lyfe was very traumatic but in thee same token it was a memorable experience as it incapacitates a moment in tyme wyth a man I truly loved in that tyme even though five centuries have gone by at thee tyme they lyke wyth my husband Guido and our tymes in Londinum and Yorke was my happiest ones from riches to rags of today’s lyfe so let’s return to king Henry’s birthday Monday morning 28th June 1536 in ye 12th demention of tyme

January 26, 2022

530am candle tyme as my husband and Jack and Chris and I started to get king Henry’s birthday fyreworks ready as my husband said yes a great deal of pee has crystallised to make salt Peter and we got thee carbon and sulfur and boy it don’t have stink as my husband outside mixed it all together and then put it in thee dragons and thee Scrolls and twisted thee tops and then put five cubits around four foot of reed to make a fuse then put on thee fyreworks on to thee girandola fyreworks and put them on them as my husband and Jack and Chris attached thee dragons to thee long wire and errected them into thee holes in thee ground as it was about 14 foot in thee air as we looked up then it was tyme for our banquet after we had eaten as everything was ready as we went into thee banquet hall for our last supper as queen Jane said it’s you’re last day here wyth us as you wyll be traveling back to far away lands after we finished eating it was 7pm we had to hours before the display to begin as king Henry said beloived Jayne thoust wyll miss thee we had a cuddle and as it was tyme for thee fyreworks to begin as my husband started to lyght thee fyreworks he said Jack and Chris you better go back through tyme now as thee lamp is week then as every one admired thee fyreworks as king Henry said beloived Jayne thoust is leaving aren’t you we held each other and kissed as I said goodbye darling I’ll always lovid thee as we went to thee lamp he turned and we was gone back to hear wyth Jack and Chris waiting for us end of parte ten

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  1. Susan permalink
    January 26, 2022 1:35 pm

    Oh yes, I’ve been reading everything ; but my best friend has been in the hospital with a dangerous infection off and on for the last three weeks—-in the midst of an enormous surge of Covid. As the entire system has been overrun with Covid victims, care of everyone else has suffered. Also, it quite frightening to be in a place where you know you are surrounded by infectious people. Whether you’ve known it or not, you have kept me company through some very worrying days. Thank you so much.

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