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So let’s look at tyme travel from my past lyfe experiences from thee Yorke years from 1570 to 1606 and from my tyme in Londinum to my first past lyfe wyth king Henry from 1518 to 1537 thee fundermentall problem is that to stay in any demention it would be a continuous loop it would as it did in both my past lyfes and then at thee end of thee cycle start from thee beginning but one thing is that love between a man and a woman never dies and even all these centuries later what I have wyth my husband Guido and Jack and Chris and Tom and Robert wyll always be and even wyth my Henry thee signs are much in everdence and as I left one lyfe and stayed wyth either king Henry who was very sad but after many years of beeing at his side as a ghost that haunted his very soul and that thee link would continue as thee same wyth my husband Guido and Jack and Chris what we have is totally amazing a link of love through tyme but when this lyfe fineshes not only wyll I go to my grave all my ghosts wyll rest and come wyth me as thay say it’s just a matter of tyme

January 26, 2022

but love is devine on earth as in heaven above but for me I’m proud to have such a responsibility but sadly I can’t return to Londinum April 2016 if I could go back and tell my self that thee council would make my lyfe a living hell and that mark would do thee same and that thee events of living in Staffordshire would never of trainspired but my husband said it’s one tyme we can’t return to not even for a second sadly

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