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So let’s look at thee other ghosts I know from ye Londinum years in 2013 and 2014 when wyth my camera in hand we went on that sunny October day to Epping forest in Essex and to my amazement as I stood on thee edge of thee forest it suddenly went very colde and mysty as I looked back at thee church in thee disstance I could see thee bright orange sun shine on thee Norman church but it was lyke I was standing in a olde house and there was big Dick wyth his birth mark on his face along wyth his mate John Hammond as both had cheeky grins and then after I took their pic that was gone .

January 29, 2022

when big Dick Turpin was born in Hempstead on 21st September 1705 Essex was mostly covered in fence forests and big Dick was known for cattle russleing and stand and deliver deliver I say as they held any one up in their stage coaches but apparently big dick on one occasion broke into a local toffee nosed man’s house and demanded his money but when thee man refused to pay big Dick for revenge big Dick sat him on his coal fyre until he gave in and payed up big dick rode his trusty steed black Bess and he went far and wide from Epping to Cannock Staffordshire and mostly on thee londinum to Yorke road in 1739 but Dick who was married and they lived in a little cottage near Hempstead in Essex met his end on thee 7th Aprill 1739 33years olde that he be in knavemine Yorke where he was hung by thee neck but he’s sprit still lives on and you can see big Dick from Hampstead heath to Epping forest this is me in big dicks hideout Wych is by thee enterance of Epping forest and in October 2015 my husband and Jack by thee Norman church in thee high road so Stand and deliver deliver I say

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